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this is not a cooking post!

Details magazine, which I get monthly, and have no clue why, since I’ve not sent them a dime, has an article that says that buns are the new abs, for men.

My first thought is, “How am I supposed to get my butt on my stomach, and who would want that?”

Then I read the article.  Men are worrying about their backsides as much as their abs these days!

Great!  200 crunches a day, with little result, and now I have to worry about my AZZ!

I know, I know, rock hard abs are a combination of work, diet, and genetics, and that ship sailed a long time ago, so I’ll never look like this.

OK, maybe the black eye, but not the abs!

But, I do work on it.

Now, I have to worry about my behind? 

The article recommended that one do “duck walks”, and that kegely thing pregos have to do as well as some other exercises.

Some would say I’m enough of a tight-ass, and that squeezing my butt while waiting on a customer could just lead to some really bad mojo!

And of course, some trainer got a book deal out of all this.  David Kirsch’s new “tome” The Butt Book, hit the shelves and kindles everywhere recently. 

So, guys, get squeezing, get duck walking, get on that glute machine at the gym, seems the ladies want butts that look like this!

Buns o' steele, Cargo/Camo Pants by Undergear!

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