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I’ve caught UP on my reading this summer.

I’ve really, really enjoyed it.

Here are a few from my July list you may have tried, or may like to read. 

The Adventurers by Harold Robbins.  Written in the 1960s, before Harold got lazy, the book is long, complex, full of characters and plot twists, and a tad on the raunchy side.  One of my readers once said, “I love a good dirty book!”  I can’t remember who that was, but, and I think she lives in S. Florida, this one’s for you!

The cover says it all!

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett.  It’s his first installment of the new trilogy.  OK, I don’t usually read series books, but this one is great, hopefully he’ll keep the next two books, projected to be out in 2012 (assuming the Mayans are wrong) and 2014, as interesting.  The first book is over 700 pages.  But, a great story with complex characters with lives that intertwine.

Like Ken needs another nickel!

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen.  So I’m the last person in America to pick it UP!  I thought at first that it would be a total chick lit book, and almost passed.  But, I’m glad I didn’t stop reading.  Great story, great love story, sleazy characters who make you cringe and like them at the same time.  She puts the book together with ins and outs from one man’s life and takes the reader and the character back in time with a whip-lash to the present.  If you love the circus, you’ll love the book.

H2O 4 Elephants!

Nemesis by Peter Evans.  I love a good conspiracy theory, and this is a good one.  I won’t spoil it, but it’s about the “relationship” between Jackie O, Aristotle Onassis, and Bobby Kennedy.  Here’s a tip, they really didn’t like each other.  If 1/3 of the stuff in this book is true, and the writer seems to have the goods and facts to back it UP, holy crap!  It changes things a ‘tad’.  Not for everyone, but it’s gossipier than Kitty Kelly ever wished she was, and full of headlines I remember…so naturally, I loved it.

Un-Holy Crap!

And of course, most recently, I finally bought a copy of The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  Ok, again, last person in America to read it, but I really paid little attention to it because the title made me think, “Oh, inspirational, self-help, how to make myself a better person”…stuff I have no interest in!  And I passed it by, ignored the reviews, and forgot about it. 

Yes I know it says a novel on the cover!

Then I saw the movie trailer!  Emma Stone (Easy A)…I don’t care who she plays or how miscast she is, I’ll go.  She’s UP there with Jessica Lange, Reese Witherspoon, and J-Lo.  They can’t make a bad movie Jersey Girl aside.  So, if they’re in it, I’ll go.

Once I realized it was a novel and not some useless self-help who moved my cheese crap, I bought it.  Border’s was having a sale after all.  You may have heard.  Damn that kindle!

There are moments when I think it should have been called the Do Everythings, because they were more than help.  A pampered, vapid, vain, silly, and pathetic bunch of women who can’t do anything but piss and moan are tended to and have their children cared for by people they don’t even like in this book, and the writer tells the story well.

It’s awesome.  Now, I’ll have to take exception to all the comparisons to To Kill A Mockingbird.  That’s heresey.  And I”m sure that as flattered as Ms. Stockett might be at the comparison, she knows better.  TKAM changed the way we think.  And Harper Lee was amazingly smart, had a vocabulary far beyond her years, and had a great story to tell, witht a great point to make.

Ms. Stockett does that too.  But, again, she, as good as she is, knows as well as every other writer, published or not, she’s no Harper Lee.   For Pete’s sake, I know I’m no Harper Lee, and I’m my biggest fan!

We’d love to be, but lightning only strikes once!

Back to the book, it’s wonderful.  Again, a chick book, sorry guys, but I like them.  And it’s literature.  Well written, well paced, and well thought out. 

As I read on and on, I waited for the come-uppance, and I waited for the main characters to win.  And as the book came to an end, I was at first displeased with the ending, just as I was with H2O for Elephants.  But when I thought about it.  It had to end that way, because IT had to end. 

Read it, you’ll get what I mean.

Summer’s not over until September regardless of what the school board says, so keep reading, and let me know what else I should read!

And for the love of Gregory Peck, pick UP a copy of To Kill A Mockingbird if you haven’t read it!

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