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Think that sexy text is only between you and your honey?

Think again.

The boss may have an eye on your cell phone.

And a whole lot more too.  If you are reading this on the job, he probably knows. 

He may not care.  He should read it too of course, and maybe he will.

But, things have changed in the work place and not all of it to the worker’s benefit.

Big Brother IS watching.

He’s not just watching to see if you’re doing a good job, he’s watching to make sure there are no security risks, fraud,  sexual harassment, or theft.

To get a job, they get inside your brain and psyche with a test or battery of tests to see if you’re crazy, crooked, or have the potential for postalness.  As a final, many have you pee in a cup just to make sure the chemical balance you seem to have is above board and not against the law. 

You know…

Pass or fail!

And there’s much more once you land the job.  Privacy ignoring features abound in the workplace.  Video surveillance, telephone monitoring, email readers, IM and text message data banks, and in some cases every keystroke you hit is tracked.

I worked for the King of Technology, The Bell System for years, so quite frankly, listening to my phone calls started the first day and never stopped.  It never bothered me…I’m sure once in a while it scared the crap out of them, but I was OK!  I’m sure all my old Bell Head friends will fondly remember it as “service observing”.

What it looked like when I started!

It’s not just the telecom and high tech industries that do it.  Some notorious employee monitors include financial services,  pharmaceuticals, insurance, and government.  And in reality, no one is free from it, and you often don’t know.

Here are some things you might want to think about this Monday Morning on the way to or while at work:

Your boss IS reading your email.  So, calling him an asswipe is a bad idea, even if he is one.  (Mine’s not, so whew!  safe there!)  Most companies use technology, but nearly 40% actually have a REAL PERSON reading it.  And please don’t think using your yahoo or gmail account will keep them out.  It’s THEIR computer, they have access to everything on it.

That call to Mama back home, they know about it.  Most companies track phone records.  In a very recent survey reported on Yahoo, 51 percent track phone calls, 12 percent record them, and 8 percent review voice mail.

And it’s not illegal.  They don’t have to tell you either.  Only a handful of states are required to let you know.  So, that VM message about the black thong and whip cream…well, the perv in security is having a good day with that one!

Do you have a company phone?  Well, it’s theirs, not yours and any text on it can be read by el jeffe!  So “UR Hot” and “CU L8R” might be a rumor before you hang UP the phone.  And, if it’s their phone, they might have a gps device in it.  So if you’re at a strip club or shopping your boss knows.  Can you say busted?

Do you IM at work?  Well, stop it.

My work location won’t let us access social networking sites at work.  Frankly, that’s a good thing.  If you access your Facebook, Twitter, or Linkeden accounts – they can see them…EVEN IF YOU HAVE ALL THE PRIVACY CRAP ON AND ONLY PICK AND CHOOSE WHO CAN VIEW YOUR STUFF!

Guess what, remember that survey I  mentioned earlier?  70% of employers monitor that stuff.

So, that picture of you smokin’ a big fattie and using a beer bong at the Buffett concert…they know!

Think your camera, iPod and all that fun stuff you have is safe?  Guess again. 

Jeffrey Keener, senior security engineer at Guidance, a company that produces company security software, says “If you had an iPod or a digital camera charging through the USB port, we could browse all the files that were stored on the device.”

So, before you bring the Canon to work make sure the pictures of your sweetie in her new thong are off there, or they’ll be on the internet in no time.  That is, if you haven’t already put them there. 

And since it’s their ball game, and the Constitution is apparently no longer applicable, be careful out there. 

The boss is literally watching you in some cases.  I mean litteraly – cameras abound.  At both my jobs there are cameras everywhere.  This may sound a tad contradictory, but frankly, I’m glad.  They keep me safe and they keep people honest.

It just makes scratching a little tricky!

Oh Andy!

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