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Wilma Slaghopple wasn’t the prettiest girl at N. E. Anderthal High School, but she was the head cheerleader, and that got her a lot.

Betty and Wilma









One thing it got her was the High School’s star quarterback, Fred Flintstone.

Fred and Wilma!


High School Sweethearts, Fred and Wilma started dating their Sophomore year.

Betty Rubble (nee Rockwood), Wilma’s best friend, set them UP on their first date.  They went bowling, something Fred would excel at later on.

Barney, the not so athletic friend of Fred, and Betty had been dating since 8th grade and were already promised to each other.   They couldn’t stand to see Fred alone, and Wilma needed a break from all the high school jerks!

After Fred graduated with a business degree from Stonemont College, he went to work for The Slate Sand and Gravel Company.  Barney, dropping out of college to marry a very pregnant Betty, worked there as well.  It was hard for Fred to be Barney’s boss and friend, but the years of growing UP together made it work.

Fred at work








Plus, Betty and Wilma were so close, it had to.

You know how it goes, there are so many realtionships where one spouse likes one spouse of another couple, but the other two just don’t click. 

Fred and Wilma longed for a child, and after years of trying, trips to the OB-GYN, full moon sweats, and New Moon circles, Wilma finally missed her “friend” and little Pebbles was on the way!

Barney and Betty were delighted, since Bam-Bam, their oddly over strong three year old A.) needed a playmate, and B.) Betty was already looking for a “good match”.

Fred and Wilma’s story was brought to life on the small screen in the early 1960s.  The daily lives of the stone age couple and their friends became part of our lives as well.  Their story was imortalized by the folks at Hanna Barbera.

Fred was crazy for Wilma, often going out on a limb to provide the latest conveniences, such as a vacuum cleaner…









and a color Television…

Color TV









Their love was so strong, network officials were convinced to show them sleeping in the same bed.  They were the first couple on TV to do so.

Thanks Fred and Wilma for breaking the barrier, and for making us laugh!

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