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…isn’t just the name of the first band signed by Apple Records.

It’s something people do, which they should not!

Angry drivers, snarky kids, rude adults, drunks, kids posing for pictures which they’ll post on Facebook, and angrier drivers.

Going with my usual philosophy and goal of only breaking one law at the time, I was driving the speed limit on Saturday, when the adult male in the Toyota Sienna filled with children zoomed around me and “flipped me off”.

Seriously, Dad, great example.  Reallllllllllllllllllll mature!

What’s UP with growing rudenss?

I’m always in a hurry, rushing, trying to get everything done, trying to get somewhere, but I don’t need a ticket.  So, I try to stay with the flow of traffic or go the speed limit.  In the Atlanta Metro Area, the “flow of traffic” is either stop or go – as fast as you can.  With five million people, the Southern City that Never Sleeps has plenty of angry agressive drivers. 

Far too many of them tell me I’m number one.

So, mini-van dad, the next time you wave at me, use your entire hand.  I think the kids will appreciate it later on.

And so will you, those teacher-parent conferences can be dicey!

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