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I’m a tad worried about some of my ‘neighbors’,

Don’t worry Leigh, not the ones on my street, just some boys in the Metro!

Here are the headlines.

“Armed Robbery Victim Shoots Suspects’ Tire”

“Judge Pleads Guilty To 2 Drug Charges.”

“Sex Charges Cost CEO His Position.”

“Piano CEO Admits To Smuggling Ivory.”

“Warrant Issued For Ex Falcon Grady Jackson.”

“School Board Member Jailed For Failure To Pay Child Support.”

While the employees were locking UP one night last week at the Triple Food Store on Boulevard, several men came to the door, brandished a gun and after hitting one employee, took $300.

One employee shot back.  Tires and windshield will be needed once the car gets out of impound.  A ‘slow-speed’ chase ensued, and after a traffic accident, and a foot flight, the driver was apprehended.

Yeah Cops!

Yeah Employee!

Moving on…US Senior Judge Jack T. Camp pled guilty (I refuse to use the word pleaded, it just sounds stupid, and can not possibly correct!) to trying to buy cocaine and narcotis for his striper girlfriend.  He also admitted to giving her a government laptop.

Hmmmmm!  Wonder if she has a blog?

They found two firearms on the front seat of his vehicle when he was arrested.

The charges carry UP to four years in the slammer.  Looks like the Judge met the Judge.

As to the CEO with the sex charges, innocent until proven guilty applies here.  But if guilty, the former CEO of Reflex Systems, a High Tech Atlanta Firm, could spend most of the rest of his life in jail.

He is accused of having sex with a 12 years old prostitute.  Yes, that was TWELVE YEAR OLD Prostitute. 

How does that happen?

After spending nine days in jail, the CEO put UP his $1.2 million dollar Sugarloaf Country Club mansion as collateral for bail. 

Sugarloaf is the tony subdivision where the Mansion Madam, some of the Falcons, Toni  Braxton, and Usher have homes.

The 12 year old’s Pimp, 38,  is in jail on child molestation and sex trafficing charges in nearby Cobb County.

As to the Ebony and Ivory guy, this dude had boxes of ivory piano keys as well as pianos with real ivory keys stashed away.  Imported Ivory was banned in the US back in 1900 by the Lacey Act which helps states enforce wildlife laws.

Thanks goodness I sold that antique baby grand I bought at an auction 20 years ago!!  He gets to spend one year in jail and pay a $100,000 fine.  His company is on probabtion for five years and may have to cough UP 500 Grands!

Poor Grady Jackson is accused of buying an Aximum Watch at a  pawn shop.  The watch was property of Travelers Insurance.  Who knew?  People pawn $10,000 watches every day…times are tough!

As to tough times, the school board member released a lenghty statement expressing his embarrassment at his business losses, his lack of funds, and his inability to pay his child support.

The school board has elected not to investigate the matter.

Like I said, it’s Bad Boys Week in the ATL!!

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