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Vacation’s over!




It’s always nice to go,  But it’s always good to get home, even though I had a wonderful time. 

I drove, as I usually do.  I like to drive.  I can stop, see more, and find new things to enjoy.

2138 miles later, the car needs another oil change, a bath, and a serious cleaning out.

Unpacking’s a chore, laundry will take all day, and it’s back to work today.

The lawn needs mowing…for some reason, the trash didn’t go out…I have nine AJC Crosswords to do …. and did I mention the laundry!

There is mail to sort, blogs to think about, blogs to read, email to answer, calls to make, bills to pay, and house plants to toss.

I’m glad to be home, have a job to return to, and people who missed me.

Some people I must acknowledge for making my trip so special:  My brother, Charlie and his wife Diane for putting me UP in the “cottage” they call Blue Ridge Blessing in VA, Mother and Daddy for welcoming me home, my Aunt Willie for not making me eat since I’d eaten before I got there, my sister, Zola for going through old pictures with me and sharing memories,  Judy and Ann for the quick break on the way, my nieces and nephews for coming to see me, and making dinner so much fun, Andrea of mommysnacks fame and her family for coming to meet me, it was nice to put a face with the name, the charming toll taker on the West Virginia Turnpike who took the $2.00 toll in pennies and dimes and ignored the line of traffic behind me while she counted it, Dale and Tiffany at Frisch’s in Chillicothe for making one of my favorite meals more special, Gayle at the Waffle House Dayton Mall (across the interstate from the new Carmax which opens June 19), and Beverly at the Waffle House in Lexington for getting my Redneck Latte Right, the countless gas station clerks who eyed me from behind glass windows while I paid at the pump, the awesome people at Marion’s Pizza by the Dayton Mall who make the best Yankee Pizza ever, AT&T and Carolyn who sold me the Wireless device that allowed me to “blog from the road”, all the people along the road who shared a smile, wave, or kind word, and who agreed to read my blog and DID, and the wonderful people at the Exxon in Buena Vista who made coffee I could stand to drink during the long morning drive to the Waffle  House in Lexington, really, 12 miles without coffee…you gotta be kiddin me!!

And of course, Dwight D. Eisenhower and the Interstate Highway Commission!

I’ll get Redneck Latte Ravings back on track with the things you are used to this week.

Thanks for reading!

It’s back to abnormal.

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