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A 54 year old man and his 12 year old, 94 pound son were arrested in Delray Beach, Florida this week for beating UP an 84 year old man in a Target Parking Lot.

Apparently, the 54 year old, who is also a lousy driver nearly hit the octogenarian with his Silver Corvette.

The old man yelled, “Watch out!”

When the elderly gentleman asked the 54 year old why he almost hit him, the Vette Club member responded with the univeral Christmas greeting of “F$#% You!”

Trying to get away from the impending fray, the Non Corvette owner asked the 54 year old and his son to move so he could leave.

The dad said, “Make me!”

At that point, Junior exited the vehicle and pushed the old man into his car and then to the ground and started hitting him. 

Daddy, every the helpful father, got out of the car and kicked the gentleman in the crotch.

Nice guys!

Police identified the attackers by running the numbers on the credit card the dad used to make purchases at Target, and by his license plate number, which is “QUIK SL”.

Seriously, people if you’re going to commit a crime, don’t do it in a car with a vanity plate.

Police said the older man had injuries to his shoulder, arm, and hand.  He also complained of back pain and had a large bruise on his inner thigh.

Ya think?

All of this was caught on tape.

Statements from three Target empolyees who witnessed the melee, plus the tape led to the arrest of the Dad and son.  Daddy is in the slammer in Palm Beach County on felony charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, dammage to the old man’s vehicle, and battery on a person older than 65.  It is Florida afterall. 

Junior a charter school student from Anaheim, CA was arrested on one felony charge of battery on a person older than 65 and remains in juvie.  He’s also charged with criminal mischief.

To add insult to injury, the kid was wearing a Ravens jersey!

I’m sure Ray Lewis is proud.

Congrats to the dumbnamic duo…you’re Redneck Latte Ravings “Ass of the week”!

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