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I’ve left her alone for a while, but…

Hate Kate Gosselin and her ex-husband Jon are the recipients of “Redneck Latte Ravings” coveted Ass of the Week award.

Parents of the year

Two of their litter have been booted from their ritzy private school for…

…well, acting like their parents.

Hate Kate says of course the rumors of bullying are grossly over-rated.

The two six year olds were accused of using “words they should not know” and calling the other kids “names”.

Now the little darlings are being home schooled*.

Apparently they are so anti-social they’re on house arrest!

And, can you imagine what she’s teaching them?

Reportedly they have anger issues.

Now, that’s a shocker!

Colin refused to get his picture taken at school because he’s tired of being on camera.

And who could blame the little darlin’?  The paparazzi are a tad pushy.

This isn’t the family’s first brush with the law principal’s office.

One of the other kids was booted for two weeks last year for hitting a classmate.

Jon says the kids are learning the words somewhere, but he doesn’t know where.

Well how could he, he’s too busy running around with skanks, getting tattos and boozing it UP!

This is just one more day in my life that I’m grateful for my parents!

I can’t wait for next season on TLC – “Kate, Plus 8, and the Gang Task Force!”

Congrats, Jon and Hate Kate, you’re Redneck Latte Ravings’ Ass of the Week!

(*No offense to my lovely nieces-in-law, Elizabeth and Sarah,  who actually DO home school, and really DO teach their kids!)

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