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…As The World Turns is long gone, and All My Children aired it last show this past week.

All My Children

My sisters are despondent.

I do not watch soaps.

And, we’ll set the record straight by saying that Dallas and Falcon Crest in the 80s were not soaps, they were “prime time dramas”.

I, for one, choose to believe there is a difference!

But, alas, AMC is gone, and Judy, Ann, and Zola are just beside themsleves!

Along with Susan Lucci.  Susan started on the show when she was 15, and stayed there for 41 years.  That’s a pretty good run, and frankly, she’s got nothing to complain about.   I’m sure there’s serious cash in the bank, a “stellar” day-time career, and finally that elusive Emmy.

But, again, the sisters, well, they’re not taking it so well.

I’m sure Judy and Ann have watched AMC since before the onset of the VCR, and Zola and Kim as long as I can remember. 

Over the last 41 years, the soap has launched the careers of many, many UPstarts who went on to become stars.

Josh Duhamel from “Transformers” was one.  A pre-Buffy Sarah Michelle Geller played twins, Christian Slater was there in 1986, and Oscar winner (for The Fighter), Melissa Leo played Linda Warner and got a daytime Emmy nod.  She didn’t win.

Before becoming a Mean Girl, Amanda Seyfried was a Goody Two Shoes on AMC.  Before she Partied with Five, Lacey Chabert was Erica Kane’s daughter.  Others include Lily Montgomery, Levin Rambin, a pre Regis Kelly Ripa and her hubs, Marc Consuelos.  Kim Delaney’s first acting job was on All My Children, Lauren Holley was there too.  Jordana Brewster had a gig there, and she’s moving on to the resurging Dallas, again, a prime time drama later this year.

Maria Santos Grey of CSI: Miami fame was there too.  Lindsey Price, Kelli Giddish, and a host of other starlets stopped by.

Some big stars, who where admittedly out of the closet fans, stopped in as well.  Carol Burnett and Elizabeth Taylor to name two!

So, this past week, to make EVERY ONE happy, they brought back all the characters they could, even some from the dead…well, not the ones who have really gone to the big trailer in the sky, but the “characters” who’ve died on the show…to quote my sister, Zola, “…it was rediculous, I loved it!”


I won’t miss it, day time soaps drive me crazy.  But, I know that it’s great entertainment for millions world-wide.  And, alas, I’m sure the sisters will all fare well, afterall, tomorrow is another day…and Luke and Laura are out there somewhere.

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