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… for Single Awareness Day  Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day











Need some gift ideas?

Or better yet, what not to buy.

To chocolate or not to chocolate?  It’s a tricky one.  If you don’t, the underlying message may be that you think she’s “put on a little” weight.  If you do, then she might think you’re just taking the easy path.  After all, who doesn’t like chocolate?  And why would we want to spend a moment with them?

So, it’s a mine-field, but I’d say Chocolate is the safest bet.  Just don’t buy the cheap crap.  Esther Price is my all time favorite, but since I don’t live in Ohio and my sorry family UP there never sends me any there are no EP stores here, it’s hard to come by.

Cologne?  Again, a minefield.  What? Do I smell bad?  You don’t like the cologne I was wearing when you “fell in love” with me? 

I mean, really, who knows what’s going on inside that head?

Again, if you go cologne, don’t go cheap. 

Clothes?  Boooooooooooooooring!

CD’s, like she doesn’t have enough distractions to keep her from listening to you already.

Gift Cards – scream lazy.

Dinner out, done to death.

Roses, they die in a few days.

A weekend away, she knows what you’re after.

Jewelry, c’mon, times are tough, shouldn’t she just be happy you’re payin’ the bills?

Time together coupons – oh please!  Like she doesn’t see enough of your sorry ass self already.

A bottle of wine and a Barry White CD?  Hmmm.

And remember, that sexy lingere isn’t a gift for her, it’s a gift for you.

Gosh, it’s hard being such a romantic.

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