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Lynnwood, Washington police said the former boyfriend of a woman broke into her apartment, held her down and shaved her head so she would not be attractive to other men.

Nice guy!

Guess who’s the Ass Of  The Week!

At 4:35 p.m. on a Friday, they were called to an apartment in the 18300 of 52nd Avenue West by a woman who said her ex-boyfriend was trying to break into her apartment.

By the time they got there, he was already inside.

And very busy. 

Lynnwood officers said they arrived at the scene to find the front door kicked in and a man standing in the doorway to the bedroom with a pair of hair clippers in his hand.

They cuffed him on the spot.

The victim, a 30-year-old woman, was crying hysterically and holding her head in her hands, which held clumps of hair. 

According to a Snohomish County police document, locks of hair littered the floor of the bedroom and living room and a phone had been smashed.  Hair had been shaved from the right and back of the victim’s head and the victim’s arms were bruised, according to police documents.

The woman told officers that during their relationship, the man had been jealous and paranoid that she was seeing other men and had been particularly paranoid in the last few weeks.

Ok, someone’s not reading Cosmo’s “How to know when your boyfriend’s crazy” pieces.

“El dumbasso” arrived at her apartment on that Friday and began screaming for her to open the door.  Thinking the better of it, she ran to the bathroom and called 911. 

El Ducho broke down the front door, grabbed the woman and slammed her head against a mirror. He told the woman that she had “given him no choice and that he was going to have to shave her head,” and then pulled out the clippers and began shaving her hair off.

And all this with no beauty operators license!!

Documents said the man had previously threatened to shave her head earlier in the week, while they were at her former boyfriend’s father’s house and also tried to stuff her into a clothes dryer.

Although probably not on Cosmo’s list, this should have been the first sign. 

A detective who interviewed this jerk, said the man admitted to bringing the clippers with him with the intention of shaving his ex-girlfriend’s head so she wouldn’t be attractive to other men. He also said he kicked in the door because he was convinced she was inside with another man.

And, because he was “jacked UP” on methamphetamine, methadone, Xanax and Abilify.

He addmitted to experiencing delusions and hallucinations.


Danno flew all the way in from Oahu, and  booked ’em into the Lynnwood Jail for ‘investigation’ of burglary and unlawful imprisonment.

That whole innocent until proven guilty thing is really getting in the way of justice.

Oh, well, since “the girl with the new dragon do” won’t date him any more, he could always move to Orlando, I hear Casey’s not seeing anyone right now.

*Author’s note:  Redneck Latte Ravings does not condone abuse of any kind.  If this was offensive to anyone, I appologize, I was jacked UP on coffee, and thought it was funny!

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