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Here’s a shocker for ya!  Kate Gosselin has admitted to Vanity Fair that her children have been “acting out” since the D-I-V-O-R-C-E has brought that gawdawful “reality” show to a screeching halt.  (Thank you Jesus!   Not for the kids acting out, but for the screeching halt thing!) 


I’m sorry here, but me wanting an Academy Award and me winning one are two different things, even I’m not that good of an actor…I just can’t act surprised on this one.  She expected exemplary behavior, no problems, and folded hands on their laps?  Come on Kate!  Get real! 

I don’t mean to turn this into the “Hate Kate” site, but c’mon lady.

What do you expect?  Be a parent!  Be, I don’t know, less self-absorbed.

She told Vanity Fair she is “trying to give them the grace to see, if they’re acting out of line, I’m trying to look deeper in why that is.” 

Ok, the hair dye has seeped into the brain cells.  I really don’t think she has that many to spare.

Really…trying to give them grace to see…my Mother had a way of doing that.  She let me know right away that I was acting out of line.  There was no time for me to study it, I learned PRONTO!

But then, my Mother didn’t slap me on a REALITY TV show, and plaster my face and hers all over US, People, and Vanity Fair.

Ms. Gosselin also said, when asked how the kids are dealing with Jon being gone,  “Miss him. They say they miss him. I imagine they say the same thing when I’m away.”

This woman can put body language in a magazine article!  Even I get the snide and snippy content there.  “They SAY they miss him.”  He’s their Daddy, lady, he may be a total “DB” but of course they miss him!

In the  interview, Gosselin, 34, also talks “excitedly” about guest-hosting The View and her potential future in television. “It comes to me very easily when I’m doing TV . . . I laugh that people are like, ‘Oh, that must be so hard.’ To me it’s so very easy!”

Of course it’s easy for her.  She’s not only a virago, harridan, and nag, she’s GreedyMedia Junkie !

But let’s get back to the kids.

They may be actin’ out, but they ain’t misbehavin’. 

This should surprise no one!

They’re behaving as well as should be expected!

Oh yes,

DFACS, where the heck are you!

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