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 Me for About page

UP is the father of two adult children, one a nurse, and one who is still trying to find himself.  UP retired after 30 years with Ohio Bell, South Central Bell, Southern Bell, AT&T, Lucent, and Avaya, or as he likes to call it “TFPC”.   He works full-time for an automobile sales organization (nationally known, and no he does not sell cars and cannot get you a discount),  and writes this blog – all by his lonesome. UP loves walking, gardening, READING lots!, working out, cooking, eating, Perry Ellis, swimming, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers, The Marshall Tucker Band, oh heck, Southern Rock in general, and is addicted to Downton Abbey. You can contact UP at up@rednecklatte.com . 100 things about Paul:

  1. I was born in The Stonewall Jackson House in Lexington , VA
  2. I have two brothers and two sisters
  3. I have read every John Grisham book ever written
  4. I read Gone With The Wind once a year, religiously
  5. My dad was a preacher
  6. My mom is a saint
  7. I grew up in church, and I’m a Christian
  8. I met my wife in church
  9. I make my own pizza dough
  10. I love clothes
  11. I love to shop
  12. I am short
  13. I am bald
  14. I’ve had a beard since I was 19 years old
  15. My favorite ice cream is Bryer’s Butter Pecan
  16. I love Waffle House hamburgers
  17. I’ve had 4 heart attacks – well duh!
  18. I had quadruple bypass at the age of 51
  19. Harry Truman was still president when I was born
  20. I attended Piedmont Bible College in Winton-Salem , NC
  21. I attended The Ohio State University
  22. I attended Tennessee Temple University
  23. I got my first job at 14, I worked in a Jewelry store
  24. I still stay in touch with my first boss
  25. I kept in touch with my High School Senior English teacher until she died
  26. I would pay to watch Jessica Lange walk across the street
  27. I don’t think Meryl Streep can act, but I end UP loving most of her movies.
  28. I’ll go see anything with Russell Crowe in it
  29. I was a bartender
  30. I make a killer martini
  31. I don’t drink and don’t think anyone should
  32. I used to sing, and was pretty good at it
  33. I play the piano
  34. I had a violin, but I gave it to my great-nephew.
  35. I collect a lot of stuff
  36. I can’t let things go
  37. I love coffee
  38. I love to drive
  39. I hate to fly
  40. Airports make me sad
  41. The train station in Cincinnati is my favorite building
  42. I have an original set of the prints from the frescoes there, my dad bought them for me when I was 12
  43. The Lions Club bought my first pair of glasses.
  44. I was a wuss in school
  45. I got beat up by a girl in my Senior year
  46. I didn’t go back to a high school reunion until 20 years later
  47. My first girlfriend’s name was Linda Sue, we were 5 and 6, she was older
  48. My older brother, Charlie is my hero
  49. I love Bridge Mix, but I don’t play bridge
  50. I have a great mother-in-law and get along with her
  51. I don’t get in-law jokes
  52. I love to laugh
  53. I’m a smart ass
  54. I’m a cynic
  55. I’m a realist
  56. I see the humor in just about everything
  57. I think Chocolate makes everything taste better
  58. and salt
  59. and onions
  60. and cheese
  61. and sour cream
  62. I love to cook breakfast
  63. I love to do things for people
  64. I get embarrassed when they do things for me
  65. I get hurt easily
  66. I forgive slowly
  67. I’m more like my dad than I want to admit
  68. I look like my mom
  69. I always offer my seat to a lady
  70. I get pissed when others don’t
  71. I hate the news
  72. I love, love, love High School Football
  73. I was not in the band
  74. Blue is my favorite color
  75. I do not like The Gators, FSU, or Michigan
  76. I <3 the Buckeyes
  77. I am not good at sports
  78. I can’t sew
  79. I love crosswords and do at least one daily
  80. Two on Sundays
  81. I used to teach a Sunday School class
  82. I love shrimp
  83. I hate calamari
  84. Beef is the food of the gods
  85. To Kill A Mockingbird is my favorite book
  86. Truman Capote is my favorite writer
  87. I miss my children being little
  88. I text, but I hate it
  89. I love to hear my Mother’s voice
  90. I used to sell antiques
  91. I still have too many of them
  92. I love history, especially US history
  93. I memorized all the Kings and Queens of England and the years they reigned in the 5th grade
  94. I don’t remember them all
  95. I was a Frat boy at OSU
  96. We got put on social probation
  97. I read Winston Churchill’s History of The English Speaking Peoples when I was 12
  98. I was not popular
  99. I was in love with one girl from the time I was 12 and all through high school, but she never knew it
  100. I don’t love her anymore.
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