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The recent and continuing melt down of Charlie Sheen is still in the news, even with the devastating earthquake in Japan.  It amazes me what interest us. 

Now, I’m a Charlie Sheen fan.  I love the show “Two And A Half Men”, and frankly hope that he gets his Chatauqua together soon.  And if he doesn’t, all CBS has to do is call, I’d gladly play Evelyn’s crazy brother…which I’m SURE I could pull off…for a mere half of what they were payin’ Mr. Sheen.

Charlie has problems, many.  But that’s another post for yet another day.

This whole mess has made me ponder about Charlies, there are several in my life, really, half the family is named Charlie in one form or another, but I’ll stick to two.

Charlie Sheen,

Charlie Sheen








and my brother, Charlie Brads.









No two men could be more different.

I doubt that Charlie, my brother has seen a hooker, although he lives in an pretty dicey historic neighborhood, so you never know.

Alcohol, drugs, trashing hotel rooms – Charlie Sheen wins that one.

Working hard, taking care of his family, giving sound advice to his spawn.  Well, that’s Charlie Brads.

Making millions of dollars – Charlie Sheen.

Making sacrifices so that his three kids could grow UP, get good solid educations, and turn out normal – ok, so the jury’s still out on Jenny – well, I’m still giving that one to Charlie Brads.

Snappy dresser – Charlie Sheen.

Poster child for “There should be Garanimals for Adults” (he’s color blind) – Charlie Brads.

Ex wifes, ex girlfriends, ex hookers – Charlie Sheen.

Been in love with the same girl since he was 15 – Charlie Brads.

Hollywood walk of fame – Charlie Sheen.

Fatherhood hall of fame – Charlie Brads.

So, there’s a show about a womanizing, misogynistic, drunken libertine, but there will never be one about a regular guy like Charlie, because it just wouldn’t be good TV.

Or would it?

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