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If a good book is better than sex, you’re not doing it right.  But, a good book is a good book. 

I was a small child, a bit of a wuss, and I got beat up a lot.  My escape from the bullies  in the little town in which we lived and the real world was the Germantown Public Library.  It was a Carnegie Library, his bust stood in the lobby like a shrine, and there was a little old lady, Mrs. Kindig, as the librarian.  She was a saint.  She wore a ‘crepe de chine’ dress, ‘old lady comfort’ shoes, and a cardigan sweater.  She was probably the most well read person I ever knew, and she steered me towards books that I should read. 

I would have read every history book in the place, but she moved me around.  She directed me to things I didn’t understand yet, and she gave me a love for books.  

I still have it. 

Oh, this is good!!!!

What about you, are you still reading?  I’m always amazed when I hear someone say, “I haven’t read an entire book since high school or maybe college.”  It doesn’t take me long to figure them out either.  (I heard somewhere once that 74% of high school graduates never read another book, and 47% of college graduates don’t either….boy are they missing out!)  

Reading is a good thing. 

Good on rainy days, snowy, wintry days when you can’t get out.  Or just when you need a friend.  And that’s what books are to me, friends.  I have thousands in the house.  I’m surrounded by books.  I have books I’ve read, some I’ve read again and again, and some I’ve never finished. 

Life is too short to read a bad book. 

Oprah has a book club, so why shouldn’t I?  I have so many favorite writers; just listing them would be a book.  But to name a few – I’ve read everything John Grisham has published.  Even the mediocre stuff.  Most of David Baldacci, and all of John Berendt, a couple of Barbara Kingsolver, (I know, I know, …she’s one of the 100 people trying to ruin the country!), but Prodigal Summer is one of the best books ever written.  Carolly Erickson writes history and you feel like you’re there.  Anita Shreve can make you want to dive into the page and hug the characters.  And Chris Bohajalian, OH MY COW!  The boy can write.  Double Bind is awesome, and Skeletons at the Feast – well, I couldn’t put it down and my sister-in-law, one of the smartest people I know, read it in two days.  

I always get something from any book I read, even if it’s a feeling that I shouldn’t have wasted the money.  I learn at least one new word, I get a new idea, I get a new blog topic, I get a laugh, a cry, or food for thought. 

So, readers, read! 

It’s like milk, it’ll do you good. 

What are you reading?

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