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…My reading has dropped of a tad. 

Blogging, working full time, life, it gets in the way.

There was a time that nothing got in the way fo my reading and I would read many, many books each year. 

But lately, with the bad eyes, the $800 glasses I still can’t see out of, and life…not so much.

I was travelling this week and spent a few days with my brother and his wife in Virginia. 

Deer feeding in Virginia

No I did not travel blog, I just relaxed.  And I read.

I finished Ford County byJohn Grisham.

Ford County

I’m a big Grisham fan; not all of his stuff has been stellar, and a couple could have been a whole lot better. 

But Ford County is really good.

It’s a collection of short stories.

He referred to them that novels that didn’t become novels. 

The topics are varied, the writing his best in a long time.  He covers topics – very well – that show us how things have changed in the last 20 or so years.

Check it out.

It’s a good read.

It has the UP seal of approval!

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