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I’ve been in Ohio this week.  On the few occasions when I’ve had to go out, driving around Germantown has brought back memories as it always does.  I drive by the school, the creek, Dick Tacke’s farm, the Covered Bridge, the Dam, and the beautiful churches and homes, and they flood back.

It was a great place to grow UP.  The friends we made as kids are life long, and getting back in touch and staying in touch keep you strong.

The quiet streets, lined with trees and beautiful old homes remind you of times long gone, football games, dances, pretty girls on the back of convertibles in the Homecoming parade, and brave boys who went off to war.

It’s a great place, this Germantown, and Ohio.

Lutheran Church

Though I often times try to ‘wax poetic’, I’ll never come close to the Phil Ochs’ song, “A Boy In Ohio” , with an exception or two, it sums it UP for me.

Click here to enjoy the song.  Ochs never recorded the song, and I’ve no idea who this is.  But, it says it all.

Just in case, here are the lyrics.

A Boy In Ohio by Phil Ochs

Creek was running by the road
And the Buckeye sun was a-shinin’
I rode my bike down Alum Creek Drive
When I was a boy in Ohio
The English teacher he didn’t care
He challenged us to checkers
And once in a while we’d swap a joke
When I was a boy in Ohio
Once I was caught playing hooky from school
They found me home in the evening
I confessed I had been to the movie show
When I was a boy in Ohio

The Irma Bell House

We would wait for the summer to come
For swimmin’ and pickin’ berries
But now a freeway covers the field
Where I used to be so happy
I remember the Burger Boy
Where the girls would shine like the engines
And the radio was always loud
When I was a boy in Ohio
Spanish teacher she tried to help
She was much too pretty
So I just stared at the back of her legs
When I was a boy in Ohio

Twin Creek

It was 3.2 beer at the honky tonk bar
Where they said the girls were easy
But somehow I never found me one
When I was a boy in Ohio
Soon I was grown and I had to leave
And I’ve been all over the country
But I don’t believe I’ve had more fun
Than when I was a boy in Ohio.

Covered Bridge

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