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Was it only 15 minutes of fame ago that Levi Johnston was out trashing the Palin’s right and left?

Seems like it.

Well, in order to extend his fifteen minutes, since the Playgirl photo shoot didn’t do it, Levi has retracted some of his earlier statements.

Imagine a teenager lying to get attention.

Baby Daddy!

Seems he said things like the Todd and Sarah were headed for a D-I-V-O-R-C-E,  and that SP used the “R” word when referring to the newest Palin who has Down syndrome.

He told People Magazine that he was “just angry” over his break-UP with Bristol, and “may have fibbed a little”.

He has asked the Palins to accept his regrets and forgive his “youthful indiscretion”. 

Frankly, I’m surprised he knows what a youthful indiscretion is, though I’m sure he’s made a few!

What amazes me about this is how ready the American public was to believe this 19 year old, irresponsible kid. 

I don’t think it was just Palin bashing, though many find that a fulfilling past-time.  It seems to me that everyone bought into his “incomplete truths” (aka LIES) a little too quickly.

He’s working on his self-image of course, the stupid “Ricky Hollywood” stage name was a disaster, the Playboy shoot was “disappointing” – you’ll just have to google it, I can’t go there! – , and the boy needs a career!  He’s supposedly back with Bristol, and really, who wants an alread pissed-off Mother-in-law? 

So, the boy is eating crow.  Which I’m guessing Sarah shot from a helicopter with an automatic weapon!

Frankly, he either has the worst handlers on the planet or he’s got the IQ of lint!   He has his OWN NAME tattooed on his arm!  How stupid is he?

He may have already won the heart and hand of Bristol.  She chimed in on the People interview with a parenting comment:  “Part of co-parenting is creating healthy and honest relationships between the parents.  Tripp one day needs to know the truth and needs to know that even if a mistake is made the honorable thing to do is to own up to it.”  You know, that good daddy example stuff.  

He may even regain the trust of Todd and Sarah, because they need to at least look like they are making nice!

The real winner in this is Sarah Pailn herself.

Why?  Something tells me her political aspirations aren’t over, and it’s not just about the speaking engagement cash coming in.  The girl still wants to win. 

Catty remarks and gossip from the son-in-law boyfriend baby daddy just won’t do!

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