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OK, I’m not a fox….it just sounds good.

The 21st Century!  Things have changed.


I moved recently … from the1970s to the 21st century.


Yes, I’ve left Red Foreman behind, nuked the land line and answering machine and signed up for twitter.

Alas, I tweet, therefore I am.

I also Facebook.

And text.

And Blog.

I even have blogger friends!

My goodness, was it only in the last century when I was forced to stop along side the road, constantly looking over my shoulder as I stuffed change into a pay phone?

And what about that first PC?  $3,600.00 and weighing 60 lbs.  Progress?

My first cell phone.  Grossly overpriced, weighed too much, didn’t work in most places, and would fit in no one’s pocket.  What a bargain!

But now, I’m a lap-topping, twittering, facebooking kind of guy with cyber friends every where.

What happened?

Technology, that’s what happened.  Things change, some for the better, some…well, not so much.

I’m not all the way there yet.  I don’t have an ipad, ipod, or iphone.  I have a laptop, a flip phone, and eyeglasses!

I feel more secure having a cell phone by my side.  I like staying in touch with old friends and new ones, and I like the fact that I can google something and have it at my fingertips.

But, the endless ability to be found, the new gadgets, the new toys, i this and i that, apps, maps, it’s overwhelming to a man who grew UP with three channels and a black desk phone that weighed 20 pounds and was never answered during dinner!

There are days when I miss the times that no one could find me.

Yup, I’m a 20th Century Fox in the 21st Century.


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