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Rhymes With

Her warbling was about all he could stand.

Why, why, why did they let that woman sing at the annual fund raiser every year?

She must be a big donor!

She could not sing.

She was always off!

And she wasn’t just pitchy!

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This week’s prompt was pitch.


Other than the train whistle, it had all the makings of a Country & Western song.

There was love.

There was cheating.

There were fights.

There were make UPs.

There were firearms.

Over the course of 1980 and 1981, Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell made headlines not only for their music, their duets, and their sell out concerts, but for their very torrid and very public affair.

Just a few days after their break UP – as epic as any C&W writer could provide – an unusually quiet Tanya Tucker instructed her staff that she would take no calls, no messages, and speak to no one other than Glen Campbell.

She was hoping for reconciliation, a reconciliation that would never come even though a European tour was planned as well as a Valentine’s Day wedding!

Glen was a solo act now – on stage and off.

When she finally did venture out, and a reporter asked what had happened, she said, “…I guess I just got too old for him.”

She was 22, Campbell 45.

In the interview she claimed she’d lay down her life for him to make him happy, and assured the reporter Campbell wasn’t the kind of guy who’d change his mind.

For the first time in a long time, the Wichita Lineman wasn’t on the line.

All through their rambunctious romance, they were professionally and personally connected.

The public saw them as C&W’s most torrid twosome and their duet Dream Lover topped charts everywhere.

Glen even sang back UP on her sexy, smoky, suggestive single, Can I See You Tonight?

Playing clubs nationwide and casinos in Vegas, they racked UP the coin, the energy, and flaunted their passion for the masses.

And the masses ate it UP.

Tanya these days denies the reported brawls and ballyhoos, calling them disagreements, scoffing at rumors that she slashed her wrists with a Coke bottle.

But the couple did fight – over everything from word definitions to music lyrics and jealousy.

She insists she’d never have killed herself over Glen, or any man for that matter.

The affair had a lust factor like no other which was fueled by comments from Tanya like, “…he’s the horniest man I ever knew.”

That may have been the case, and Campbell’s characteristic of excess was personified in his spending on the 22 year old star.

Her birthday bash set him back $54,000.

He bought her a gun engraved with “Till Death Do Us Part.”

When he asked her to marry him, she said no.

To Tanya, getting married was “…like meeting Elvis…you only want to do it once.”

For Glen, getting married was akin to meeting the Gabor sisters; after all, his romance with Tanya came on the heels of his divorce from Sara (Mac Davis’) Davis, his third marriage.

The final episode centered around a trivial dinner with a friend at Glen’s favorite hang out, Le Dome.

The hip LA hangout was where Glen entertained his show business buddies and Tanya’s foray into the place sans Campbell but with a girlfriend set him off!

After that she says that even though he had no reason to mistrust her, he couldn’t let it go.  And the following day she learned she’d been cut from the European tour and her friend and dinner companion had been fired as a VP at Glen’s publishing company!

From that day on, they never spoke.

In the end, the affair stalled due to Glen’s insecurities which led to his jealousy.

She could never – and neither can I – figure out what he was insecure about, but he was according to Tanya.

Go figure; looks, talent, charm, he had it all.

Well, all but Delta Dawn.