The Winter Olympics are upon us.  Seriously, less than a month away!

I am always impressed with the athletic prowess and dedication the contestants from all over the world display.

I have zero athletic ability, was always chosen last for baseball, and eventually gave UP and went with my strengths.

Gossip and snark.

Though I’m impressed with all of the athleticism at the games, the figure skating amazes me the most.

Well, that and the ski jumping.

The figure skating combines athletic prowess, power, and art in one tight sport.

The pairs blow my mind.  What trust and strength it must take for a 100 pound woman to allow  her partner to lift her in the air and throw her with as much force as he can and what stamina and ability and talent it must take for her to land on her feet and keep moving?

Really, I can’t even!

A couple, both on and off the ice, Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim took first place in San Jose this weekend and are headed to South Korea.

The ladies and men are just as thrilling.  Time, effort, dedication, skill, strength, stamina; they are all there.

This year Team USA has a chance of taking back the men’s gold with Nathan Chen.  The team includes Vincent Zhou and Adam Rippon, both great, but not expected to place on the podium.  Chen just might get there.

His performances, though scaled back due to his being under the weather, were amazing.  If he’s well and keeps his nerves, he’s a shoe in.

I can’t wait!