…so is Blitzen, and all the rest for that matter.

Reindeer as the conveyors of Santa Claus instantly bring Christmas to our minds.

A couple of reindeer facts to start the day:

Reindeer make sense when it comes to pulling Santa’s sleigh, as reindeer reside predominately in the Arctic regions.

So does Santa!

It also makes sense that all Santa’s reindeer are female.

Male reindeer lose their antlers at the end of October or possibly as late as mid November, but female reindeer do not shed theirs until after they have given birth in the Spring!

And we always see Santa’s sleigh pulled by reindeer with antlers.

So, while the guys are UP at the North Pole watching football and drinking beer, the gals are doing all the work on Christmas Eve.

Hey, why should it be any different there than it is at your house?