…to give than receive.

New reports tell us that 63% of Americans would by-pass gift giving this Christmas Season if they could convince their families to agree.

Granted, gift giving and shopping can be tedious, expensive, and frustrating – after all, what do you buy for the man who has everything?

But it’s not about the shopping, the money, or even the hassle; it’s about giving.

Giving is the most selfless thing a human being can do.

Sure, there’s the cost and finding that special, even unique gift; but the feeling you get when you share with someone.


Mother used to say, “I want my children to by their brothers and sisters a Christmas present, even if it’s a pack of gum.”

She wanted us to remember one another.

And we do as we remember her.

She wanted us to experience the joy of giving, and we do.

I’m so glad for that.

Oh, and my favorite is Teaberry!