You may have noticed the blog is having technology issues, again.

Seems the email service I use had decided that half the people who get my blog via email should not.

We have not come to an agreement on this as I feel rather strongly that all the people who signed UP for my blog via email should receive it thusly.

And to add salt to the wound, the UPgrade that was supposed to fix said email problem created another one.


All, and I do mean all, of the posts on the Redneck Latte Ravings Facebook page that were posted prior to Saturday (this past) aren’t working properly.

As in, you get this…

404 Not Found.

But…if you go to the calendar over at the side or select a month/year in the archives, you can pull the post UP.

Yeah, it’s crazy, and it’s driving me crazy.

OK, short trip, I know.

But anyway, bear with me as I bear with the techies who are bearing the burden and fixing the problems. And if you’re one of the unfortunates who are no longer receiving my blog via email, try resubscribing. ┬áIt may work…then again…

Oy, Mondays!