“That’s it Caroline,” chirped the dance instructor, “let your body flow, you know, like you’re a fluid. “

“Move with the music Caroline, let it push you, let it mold you, let it move you,” she continued.

The seven-year-old stared blankly at the aging doyen, clueless as to what a fluid was and what she wanted!

Mom sat silently in a chair by the wall knowing full well she had not given birth to a Nobel prize winner for science nor a reincarnated Margot Fonteyn .

Perplexed by the look on her child’s face and wondering why she had no idea what fluid meant, she knew she had work to do.

Knowing she’d have to take the long way home while explaining a science lesson all the way as well as why ballet was over was going to take time, she reached out, clasped her daughter’s hand and said, “Hey sweetie, want to stop at Dairy Queen on the way home?”


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This week’s prompt was fluid.