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So Glad You’re Here!

It may still be 90 degrees here in Georgia, but Autumn begins today anyway!

Fall is in the air, the leaves are turning a bit,

pumpkins are at the grocery, and football – the religion of the South – has started on Friday nights.

Soon we’ll have crisp mornings, the smell of leaves burning,

and before you know it, it’s Trick or Treat time!

Thanksgiving, when you think about it, is just around the corner!

It’s my favorite time of the year, Fall.  Leaf raking aside, I love the color, the smells, the foods, and the fun.

Welcome Autumn!

I’m so glad you’re here!

Glass Plate, Plate Glass

She sat the plate in front of him in stony silence.

Not a word was spoken the entire meal.

It had been this way for far too long; the deafening dinner silence gave UP less than the dead and the secret spilling sounds from dishes clattering in the sink said more to him than she had in the last two weeks.

Every attempt to discover his egregious action was rebuffed by the squawking of slamming drawers and squeaky doors.

But not a sound came from her.

It was a though a plate of glass stood between them.


Each week, the lovely and talented Ivy Walker hosts a link-up challenging writers to spin a tale in six sentences – no more, no less. Click on the link right here to find out more and link your own post. While you’re there, click on the blue frog button to find more stories from some wonderful storytellers.

This week’s prompt was plate.

Chet Said It Best…

Chester A. Arthur assumed the presidency on this date back in 1881 upon the death of President James A. Garfield.

There was much controversy with his assumption, Congress was essentially leaderless due to the resignation of Conkling, opinions differed on the ascendancy and Arthur wasn’t even in Washington when it occurred.

He took the oath at his home in New York City!

His presidency isn’t one of the most memorable ones, but anyone who occupies the office leaves a legacy.

And they leave quotes.

He left many, but today, for this Wordless Wednesday, I’ll use this one.

“Men may die, but the fabrics of free institutions remain unshaken.”

45 men have occupied the office of the Presidency, many have passed on, but the fabrics of the free institutions do remain unshaken.

Ahoy Matey!

Honestly, we will celebrate anything! Today is “National Talk Like a Pirate Day.”

The day is a parodic holiday and was thought UP by John Bauer aka O’l Chumbucket and Mark Summers aka Cap’n Slappy.

The two friends from Oregon proclaimed September 19 as Talk Like a Pirate Day in 1996, and encourage everyone to say Ahoy, matey instead of Hello.

Summers and Bauer

Apparently the holiday came into being when Summers and Bauer were playing racquetball and one of them was injured.

Instead of yelling “Ouch!”, “Oh Crikey”, or “Damn, that hurt!” he yelled “Aaarrr!” and the seed was planted.

It was a joke between two friends that mushroomed around the country when Miami Columnist Dave Barry started promoting it in 2002.

It is based on an erroneous theory that there really was a Golden Age of Piracy.

It’s fun, it’s silly, and it’s Okay, but Johnny Depp aside, most of the pirates weren’t all that cool!

In reality then and today, piracy was and is a crime, they were brutal thugs who valued life little and plunder greatly.

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day, have fun with it, but you might want to do a little research!

I’ll not spoil all the fun by filling you in today.