Today is National Banana Split day!

Once again, that’s a holiday I can get behind.

See what I did there!

In case you were born last night, a banana split is an ice cream based dessert which in its traditional form is served in a boat type dish.

The bananas are cut lengthwise – as in a split – and placed in the boat.

Traditionally one scoop of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream comes next, then chocolate syrup, nuts, pineapple, whip cream, and it’s topped off with a cherry!

A 23 year old apprentice pharmacist named David Evans Strickler is credited with the concoction.  Seems he liked creating sundaes at the Tassel Pharmacy in Latrobe, PA and while bored one day came UP with this version.

When it debuted in 1904, it costs a whopping 10 cents.

Word spread, the “recipe” was copied nationwide and the America’s love affair with banana splits began.

Strickler went on to purchase the pharmacy, renamed it after himself, and 100 years later, the city celebrated the centenary anniversary of the concoction.

The National Ice Cream Retailers Association certified the city as the birthplace as well.

Of course, there are posers.  Wilmington, Ohio’s Ernest Hazard clams he created it in 1907 to attract students from Wilmington College during the winter when ice cream sales were slow.

Wilmington takes his claim seriously and each June has a Banana Split Festival.

Charles Rudolph Walgreen of Chicago adopted the dessert as a signature dessert.  His soda fountains were customer magnets, and the banana split had a big pull.

Either way, PA or OH, have a banana split today.

That’s a real reason to party.

Banana Splits can contain UP to 1,000 calories, but the one from Dairy Queen is a mere 510!