…and other random thoughts.

As I pondered whether to hurl my water bottle out the car window and at the driver who was annoying me, I remembered there would be fingerprints on the bottle, which led me to remember a movie with Armand Assante in which some real criminal lifted his fingerprint from a glass and placed it somewhere else – a window I think – to show that he, Armand, had committed the crime.

He was being framed of course: I mean really, Armand could never kill anyone.  And then I wondered, is Armand Assante dead?

Or was the Oliver Reed who died?

Of course I couldn’t check because I was driving. And heaven forbid that I google and drive!

And Siri was being hateful…

And what was the movie?

More thinking, more driving…

That’s right Passion and Paradise, it was a TV movie.  Set in the Bahamas but filmed in Jamaica – why do they do that?  Never film the movie where it’s set?

The film is a story of a rich magnate and expatriate during World War II, but filmed in 1989.

Their tightly knit community of privilege is reeling from the murder of Sir Harry Oakes and the prime suspect is Alfred de Marigny, a penniless gigolo and the son-in-law of Sir Harry!

Of course there’s no proof, but why not make some UP. That’s where the fingerprint came in.

They lifted it off a glass with tape and transferred it to the crime scene.

Could that work?

Wouldn’t that make every fingerprint ever suspect to fraud?

And wouldn’t that call for mistrials, and hung juries, and directed verdicts, and judicial jaundice just everywhere?

So by this time, I’d spent so much time wondering about the movie, the name of the movie, and was it really Armand and was he really dead, I nearly missed my exit.

And I’d completely forgotten about the other annoying driver who had started me on this rabbit trail to begin with.

But, I got to work on time.

Oh, and two days later, I finally checked; Assante isn’t dead, he just looks like it!

I know this had nothing to do with Dustin, but A. that’s how my mind works, and B. he really does turn 80 today.  Assante is only 67!