Salon Magazine – which is crap, and not just because they never ask me to write for them – says that Guy Fieri changed The Food Network and not for the better!

Wrong, Salon, wrong!

I love Guy Fieri.

Salon says, “From bleached hair to bowling shirts, Guy Fieri is, without a doubt one of the most hated celebrity chefs of all time. “

No, Salon, no.  We love him.

They trashed his brash personality, his “lackluster” restaurant and listed 14 reasons why his is “…nothing but a culinary catastrophe…”
How did he change the network? “The Food Network’s programming schedule should be populated with the pacifying voices of Ina, Martha, Nigella, even Mario Batali,” Farsh Askari writes in Salon. “Instead we get Guy Fieri screaming at us to adopt a diet that will at best yield diabetes.”

I’ve cooked everything from Ina, Martha, Nigella, and even Mario, and believe me, they’ll give you the diabetes too!

The same magazine that shames everyone for everything claims that Fieri is homophobic and anti-Semitic. But everything offered as proof was hearsay. And of course, they took the opportunity to continue to bash Paula Deen!

They say he’s untrained.  Whoop de doo!  Lots of celebrity chefs are untrained.  And the raging majority of people trying his recopies are as well.  We’re America, everyone likes success stories, well everyone but the folks at Salon.

They don’t like his “kulinary gansta” tattoo saying it plays to his egotistical nature.  Judgmental much?

And on top of that, these days I’m about the only guy life under 70 without at tat!

They said his show Drive Ins, Diners, and Dives is a fraud because he “…hails from a part of the country that doesn’t really have many of the classic, Jersey-style diners, and on the first day of production he still really had no idea what a diner was.”

They said this made him a hack!

Sin of all sins, his last name isn’t really Fieri, it’s Ferry!

Guess what, Giada de Laurentis isn’t a de Laurentis.  Her grandfather was, she copped his name because no one had ever heard of her dad and mom, but since Gramps produced Barbarella, King Kong, and Hannibal to name a few.  It’s OK then?

He makes crude jokes!   Does anyone at Salon ever watch late night TV?

He has a huge ego.

No, really?  He’s a TV star…they all do.

He has an obnoxious entourage.  At least he as an entourage Salon…

They don’t like his “lingo.”  Phrases such as Bomb-dot-com tasty. Lights-out delicious. Festival of Funk., and Funkalicious all seem to turn the folks at Salon off.

Writers’ envy?

The only nice thing they said about the Guy is that he runs a great charity.

And of course they go on to bash his restaurants.

They say he “thinks he’s The Man,” misrepresents Middle America, and wears douchey clothes.

Give the Guy a Break!

And with that, I need to go look for my bowling shirts!