…I really want to create a calendar with a reason to party every day!

Today is Bastille Day in France.  We don’t get into to it so much in the US of A, but for the French, it’s a big deal.

It’s much like our 4th of July, only instead of throwing off a Foreign King, they eventually threw off their King.

Yes, yes, that is a sad, sad story, and the French could have done it better I’m sure, but alas, it is what it was!

The good news on this Bastille Day is that my great-nephew, Drew is in Paris competing in the Rubik’s Cube World Championships.

He’s a World Champion Speedcuber and holds records in the Pyraminx aka that funny thing he’s holding and other cube events.

So, to all my friends in France and every one here, “Happy Bastille Day.”

Whip UP a souffle or something!

And don’t forget!

DrewSA! DrewSA! DrewSA!

Here’s a link…