Quite frankly, I liked it better when fireworks were illegal.

Really folks, last night was a bit over the top.

Did I say, “…last night…,” make that more like the last two weeks.

What is it with all the fireworks days and days before and after the holidays?

In Georgia, where fireworks were not sold to the public until the last 10  years or so, they are now all the rage.

It’s not just the 4th of July!

Christmas, New Years, Halloween, even Easter!

I don’t think Jesus is pleased at all!

I do remember the fireworks display at the football field in Germantown back in the day.  They were truly “ooh and aah” worthy.

Do they still have those?

It was a good time for the community to come together and coalesce around an awe inspiring patriotic display.  It was a good thing.

Fireworks date back to the Tang Dynasty of China in the 7th century.  As a matter of fact, the Chinese invented them.  I know, I thought it was rednecks too, but alas, no.

Even today, fireworks are a big part of Chinese culture, and the art of fireworks making is actually a profession there.

Back then and still today, “pyrotechnicians” are respected for the knowledge and ability to create massive fireworks displays.

When they were invented, the Chinese believed they would help to expel evil spirits, bring good luck, and create happiness.

Well, they were right on the happiness part.

And there are a lot of happy people in my neighborhood!

Fireworks were exclusively Chinese until about 1240 A.D. when the Syrians discovered the rocket type fireworks after learning from the Chinese how to make them.  One man even called them Chinese Flowers.

Some believe Marco Polo brought fireworks (as well as noodles) back to Italy after his travels.  Others claim the Spanish and Portuguese picked them UP and introduced them to the West.

That may ring true as Western Spanish cultures like Mexico, Brazil, and Central America are fireworks crazy!  When I was in Mexico 50 years ago this summer I remember being amazed at the fireworks suits worn by Oaxacans in the many festivals there. (See video below.)

In the mid 17th century, everything Chinese became all the rage in Europe, and they really took off.

Peter the Great of Russia was a real fan.  One of his ambassadors turned him on to them when he said referring to the Chinese, “They make such fireworks that no one in Europe has ever seen.”  Peter, ever the sucker for imported culture was hooked.

Now, we’re hooked.  Disney is noted for its nightly fireworks display.  And there might be a Super Bowl without the Steelers, but there can’t be a Super Bowl without a fly-over and fireworks!

Frankly, I’ve had enough for this year!  And so have the neighborhood dogs!