The Farmer’s Almanac tells us the Dog Days of Summer begin today.

I always thought they were in August, and of course, opinions differ on the subject.  With Memorial Day being the “official” first day of Summer and falling nearly a month prior to the Vernal Equinox, I suppose it’s just fine to start the Dog Days whenever you darn well please.

The Dog Days do historically start after the rising of the star Sirius.  The Greeks and Romans blamed the star for heat, drought, thunderstorms, that lazy summer malaise we often feel.  They even blamed mad dogs and bad luck on the bright star!

The Dog Days are the brightest, hottest, and most humid days of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Egyptians of old saw the rising of the star as the onset of the flooding of the Nile and associated it with and the goddess Sopdet.

The consort of Sah, Sopdet was the personification of Orion a star near Sirius, and her child with Sah, the star we call Venus, was the god Sopdu, or Lord of the East.

She was the deliverer of the New Year and the flood.

Busy gal!  She also brought the Dog Days.

The term Dog Days is borrowed from the Latin “puppy days” and the Greeks’ word, Canis Majoris, which roughly translates Big Dawg.

But anyway, it’s Dog Days time.

And Dog Days, depending upon which scientist you’re conversing with last from 30 to 61 days and begin somewhere between July 3 and August 15.

Translation, it’s Summer so it’s gonna be hot!

Here in the Steamy South, it gets hot early and stays that way for a long time, so break out the fans, the coolers, and the ice-cream freezers!

Stay cool!