Getting ready for the weekend?

Planning on opening a bottle of “booze” or two?

Do you know where the word came from?

Neither did I, but once again, reading comes in handy!

In that pesky election of 1840 when Horace Greely said Martin Van Buren was a “groveling demagogue…” who “slimed his way into the Presidency…” one entrepreneur, the E. C. Booz Distillery of Philadelphia, the owner of which was supporting William Henry Harrison, came UP with the idea for Log Cabin shaped whiskey bottles in support of the “Log Cabin” candidate!

If you’ll remember, he wasn’t a log cabin guy!

But, since the bottles not only said “Log Cabin Whiskey” and had E. C. Booz on them…well, it stuck.

Tippecanoe Tobacco didn’t do so well, but that was OK!