It is the way of man; we’re born, we grow, we live, produce, fade, and pass on.

No one escapes it, but each time someone near to me passes,  I’m reminded that one by one a generation leaves us and we become the older generation.

The oldest – at least for a time.

Friday brought another reminder, Richard Nunery, father, grandfather, and trusted family friend passed away at the age of 90.

He leaves behind four daughters, several grandchildren, and a host of friends.

His death cuts a little deeper not only because of its reminders, but because Mr. Nunery was my dad’s best friend for over 50 years.  Our families are connected by faith, the past, the future, and firm friendships that started on a snowy New Year’s Eve 1957.

There were two men who were responsible for our move to Germantown in 1957; Tom Calhoun , whom I’ll post about someday, and Richard Nunery.

Mr. Nunery was the head of the pastoral search committee when FBC Germantown was looking for a new pastor in 1957.

I’ve told the story before, but humor me, Dad came to Germantown for a week’s revival, stayed nearly three, and shortly thereafter, the church called him to be the pastor.  He held that post for over 20 years until his health got the best of him and he retired and became Pastor Emeritus  for a few.

Both men were fixtures in Germantown. Dad, the pastor, and Mr. Nunery an established insurance salesman with his own agency. In their respective ways each offered assurance and insurance to many.

Dad with the plan of salvation and assurance, and Mr. Nunery with not only the gospel, which he shared with many, but a plan for retirement, keeping families protected and secure, helped hundreds if not thousands in the town.

In a sense, they both peddled fire insurance.

At a time like this when we see a generation leaving us one by one, it reminds us of our duty to carry on their message, their beliefs, their values, and their faith.

Nature’s way of making room can be saddening, but it should bring us hope as well.