In most South American Cultures, today is Friends Day.

It’s a day for celebrating friendships both old and new.  It’s not all that old of a holiday; beginning in Paraguay in 1958, the idea spread throughout much of the South American Continent and eventually made its way around the world.

Of course, it’s not always celebrated on April 18; Oberlin, Ohio has its own friend’s day 10 days earlier.  I’m guessing they just read the date wrong!

And in 2011, the UN declared July 30, International Friendship Day; the South Americans would have nothing to do with it!

So it remains April 18th each year!

Initially created by the greeting card industry, the idea waned over time, but with the advent of social media, it’s seen a renewed interest.

In many places, cards, flowers, friendship wrist bands, and other tokens are provided to friends to honor the day and their relationship.

So, on this Friend’s Day, here’s a shout out to my more than 1,100 Facebook friends and the seven of you who read my blog every day!

And of course, the friends I’ve had forever…even if they’re not all here.

Happy Friend’s Day.