DTWS started back UP Monday night.

Yeah, I know, that was four whole days ago.

They actually have people on the show this time around who can dance.

Really, Simone, Nancy, a couple of the guys, they’re pretty good.

But today, I’d like to focus on Charo, the original Cuchi-Cuchi girl.

She’s paired with Keo Motsepe. Charo is a comedienne, singer, dancer, flamenco musician of Spanish descent.  As in Spain, Spanish.

In reality, she’s a very talented musician and isn’t above poking a little fun at her self.

I remember watching her on Carol Burnett’s show in the 1970s and it was funny.

Carol played Charo’s mom…funny stuff.

She’s pretty good for an old gal!

Regarding Charo’s date of birth, well, there is some question about her age.

As in it’s all over the map.

She asserted in a 1977 court hearing that her true year of birth was 1951.  That means A. she’s got me by a year, and B. she was 15 when she married Xavier Cugat, who BTW, was 66 at the time.

The year of her birth on official documents in Murcia, Spain and her original Spanish passport and her naturalization papers state her birth date as March 13, 1941, which makes her 75.

I’m guessin’ that’s closer to the truth.

She said in an interview that her parents allowed her to “falsify her age” to appear older when marrying Cugat.

Some reported it as 1945, 1946. And in 1964, she was referred to as Cugat’s “18 year old protégée,” which puts it at 1946.

Forty years ago, in 1977, when she divorced Cuggie, the judge in Vegas upheld her 1951 birth year as official.

She swore it was the truth, but said, “If people believe I’m older, that’s fine.”

Well, that’s a good thing, ‘cause we do.