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It’s odd to think that everyday things we use weren’t always there.

Some of my readers may not know there was a time before the internet, smart phones, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, et. al.

But there was.

There was also a time when adhesive postage stamps didn’t exist.

Well on May 6, 1840 the Penny Black stamp became available for use by the public.  It bore the profile of Queen Victoria, was designed by Sir Rowland Hill, and is considered the “first stamp”and was the first adhesive stamp issued – anywhere.

Penny Black

On any given Sunday, you can buy one for $5,000.000. Prized by stamp collectors, it was actually issued on May 1st, but not available for use until the 6th – just to keep the purists happy.  You know who those philatelists can be.

Prior to that, postal rates were high, confusing, and all over the board.  It was not unusual for the recipient to pay the postage on delivery.

That’s right, C.O.D., and if you didn’t have cash, you didn’t get the letter!!

They also charged by the number of pages there were and how far it traveled to get there!

The Penny Black changed all that.

Pre-paid letters were all the rage, and the world changed forever.

Well, until texting!

Have a great weekend.

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