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When I arrived at the Dayton Airport last Friday, I breezed my way to baggage claim, found my CarMax blue bag in a flash and dashed on over to Dollar Rent A Car where I had a prepaid via Travelocity transport waiting.

Or so I thought.

When it got there, it was like the scene from The Outoftowners with Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin.

We have cars

You may remember it, they get to the car rental place, the sign says We Have Cars, but they don’t.

Well, it was deja vu all over again!

The Dollarette behind the counter told me it would be 2 to 3 hours before they had cars, and if I’d take a seat, they’d call my cel number.

To quote the late Whitney Houston, “Oh, hell no!”

As I pondered what to do, knowing full well I didn’t have two to three hours, the Enterprise girl looked alluringly at me so I dashed over, and asked what she could offer me that the Dollarette couldn’t.

She had a car.

Well, half a car.

I let her abuse my Visa card, called Travelocity for a refund from the Dollar people, and followed the yellow line to the rental car place…honestly, the Dayton airport isn’t that big, I could see the rental cars from the door…and arrived where Brandon greeted me and walked me to my Valley View Blue Chevy Spark!


I said, “Where’s the rest of it?”.

To which he replied, “Hey, it’s a four door.”

Well, that made all the difference in the world.

Not having time to argue, friends and family were awaitin’, I signed the paper work, threw the luggage into the “back seat”, and drove off.

Oddly enough, the carette was roomy on the inside.

Inside the spark

Interstate driving was, what’s the word, terrifying, yeah, that’s it, and I got more than my share of stares. The smooth ride of a Chevrolet was not present.

But, A. it did the trick.

B. it got 38.4 miles per gallon.

And, after-all, it got me to the Fish on time!

Oh, and it was easy to park!

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