Recently, Barb, a friend since childhood, posted this on Facebook.

“Speaking of God’s Word, C.Marvin Brads often quoted this, “Think of it carefully, Study it prayerfully, Deep in your heart, Let its oracles dwell. Ponder its mysteries. Slight not its Histories. None can e’re love it, too fondly or well.”

It brought a flood of memories.

I could not count the times I’ve heard it.

Dad would have turned 93 today, and it is so hard to believe he’s been gone for four years.

There were many wonderful things about Dad, but the most important one was that he loved people, took his job seriously, believed in a literal hell, and didn’t want anyone to go there.

So, he admonished us to read the Bible with that little poem.

When I was a kid, I just assumed he wrote it, but alas, that’s not the case.

Here’s the entire poem.

Study it carefully think of it prayerfully.

Deep in your heart let its pure precepts dwell.

Slight not its history ponder its mystery

None can e’er prize it too fondly or well.

Accept the glad tidings, the warnings and chidings.

Found in this volume of heavenly lore.

With faith that’s unfailing and love all prevailing,

Trust in its promise of life evermore.

With fervent devotion and thankful emotion

Hear the blest welcome, respond to its call.

Life’s purest oblation the hearts adoration

Give to the Saviour who died for us all.

May this message of love from the tribune above,

To all nations and kindred be given.

Joyous anthems of praise

Hallelujah on earth and in Heaven .

Author Unknown

Thanks, Barb, for bringing this simple memory to light. And since the author is unknown, I’m just going to go with my childhood thoughts, and say it was his.