Ridiculous headline of the week:

“Prince Charles To Divorce Camilla Parker-Bowles After Barbra Streisand Affair.”

Chuck and Babs back in the mid-70s. who, BTW are now in their mid-70s!

Chuck and Babs back in the mid-70s. who, BTW are now in their mid-70s!

Really, we all know Babs has better taste than that!

Prince Chrales’ infatuation with the legendary songstress and diva is no secret.  Even Diana, the Late Princess of Wales, knew he was nuts about her.

But, who isn’t?

Streisand is a legend, and men, women, and children everywhere are fans.

The Inquisitor, a British rag, has reported that Charles and Barbra had an affair in 1994, Camilla recently found out about it, and is building her legal team for a $350 million divorce.


I think not.

But the report goes on to say that Charles cheated on Camilla “several times” while he was cheating on Diana with Camilla.

Soap anyone?

Diana, no blushing flower, shrugged it off.  She referred to Charles as “dead below the waist”, and as we all know, had a fling or two of her own.

Camilla, while not true to her husband, was true to Charles, and is just in a “royal snit” over things.

The Globe, another British rag, says that “Charles has been infatuated with the legendary songstress for years and they reportedly hooked UP in 1994 at LA’s posh Bel-Air hotel for a private afternoon tea date that lingered on…and on.  And it wasn’t their only secret romantic rendezvous! Now, his decades-long obsession with Streisand, now 72, is coming back to haunt the Royal as he plunges into a messy $350 million divorce from his second wife Camilla.”

Though Charles is a known philanderer, and may have boinked Babs a time or two, the Charles and Camilla love story is one of the greatest of the 20th Century!

Charles and Cam

They met on a polo field, had an affair, fell in love, and his mummy and daddy sent him off to service to get him away from and “unsuitable bride candidate”.

She had a reputation.

But, after a most unpleasant marriage and divorce with Diana, true love won out and Charles and Camilla married years later.

Frankly, I think this is all a bunch of BS!