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Memphis, Tennessee was all a buzz this past weekend when HRHs Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and his younger, Duke of nothing, brother, Prince Harry visited the estate of the King.

Think about it, there’s been no King back home in the UK for all their lives.  Granny’s the Queen you know.

The Royals spent a couple of hours touring the estate of the King of Rock and Roll while in Memphis for the wedding of a buddy in which both served as groomsmen.

The estate was purchased by Presley in 1957.  He gave his folks a budget of $100,000 and told them to find a “farmhouse” type place for the growing family to call home.

The house, built in the late 30s or early 40s by Memphis businessman S.C. Toof, a printer, was named for his daughter Grace.


Who knew?

The facade is Greek Revival-ish, and is really quite nice.


Once Elvis and the Presley clan took over, some modifications were made and a bit of redecorating was done.

The King added some gates to keep the screaming sex crazed loonies fans out.

Tacky 4

He gussied UP the bedrooms…

Tacky 3

…added a play room, called “The Jungle Room”…

Tacky 2

…and of course he died there…on the crapper!

His decor choices have remained, kept holy by his ex-wife, Priscilla and his daughter, Lisa Marie.  I mean, really, who wants to mess with family tradition?

Tacky 1

The buzz on the street is that the Princes had a “wonderful tour” while mixing in with the locals.

Let’s just hope the boys don’t take any of the decor tips back to Buckingham!


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