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There are other things to celebrate this Monday.

Really, the nerve, Drinko Cinco de Mayo falling on a Monday!

But other than the tiny battle in Mexico which did little to end a war and is the supposed reason for Cinco Celebrations, and we all know it’s just another excuse to over indulge in Margaritas, there’s a whole lot more stuff that happened on May 5th!

Like, Kublai Khan became the ruler of the Mongol Empire. Kublai, no relation to Chaka, became emperor after wiping out most of the ruling families around him.


Not good enough for you? Well, Christopher Columbus ‘discovered’ Jamaica on May 5, 1494, and claimed it for Spain. England finally ended UP ruling the island that gave us Bob Marley and Ska, but its roots in “modern history” are Spanish.

Go party, mon!


Mary Kies was awarded a patent on 5/4/1809, becoming Mary Kiesthe first woman to get one.Of course it was for a process for weaving straw with silk and thread, the glass ceiling not being shattered and all.

In 1821, Napoleon died on the island of Saint Helena, and all of France partied!

1865 – the first train robbery in the United States occurred in North Bend, OHIO just out side of Cincinnati. TrainAnd we thought it was all out West!

1904 – Cy Young threw the first perfect game in Modern American Baseball.

1905 – Fingerprints were used to convict the Stratton Brothers for murder.  It was the first use of the new technology.

Eighteen year old Michael Fay was caned in Singapore for theft and vandalism in 1994.  It was an international incident, with heated emotions on both sides.  The majority of Americans polled agreed that the ass whippin’ was deserved and that we didn’t do enough at home to chastise our juvenile offenders.

Fay in court

Some say we still don’t.

Still can’t find a reason to party out of all this?

Check your pulse!

Happy Cinco de Monday!


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