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As you know, I was pushed into the blogosphere by my niece, Jenny and her cousin, Emily over at momminitup.com.

Well, seems blogging runs in the family.

Jenny’s niece, and my great-niece, Murrin, has a blog, and a passion for serving others.


Her parents, along with herself and three brothers have recently joined the world of foster parenting/familying, and Murrin, who’s all of 16, has a clear view of helping others, serving God, and paying it forward.

While she’s not being a high-school student, helping her mom with three brothers and a foster child, playing the clarinet, participating in school plays, playing soccer, spending time with her friends, she’s volunteering.

Murrin 2

She’s spent part of the last two summers working at Joni and Friends and on a missions trip to Costa Rica.

 Costa Rica

Her passion is for special needs kids.

Her blog chronicles her life as a foster sister and advocate for special needs kids.

Check it out by clicking HERE.

If you’re not impressed, well, then you can’t be!

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