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Well, I’m here.

Welcome to Ohio

(Jan has stopped reading at this point.)

More specifically, I’m here…

Germantown Map

…the place of my childhood, the home of The Florentine Hotel…

The Fish

…and the home of this girl…


…Emily from Momminitup, an extended family member, and one of the speakers at Mom2.0.

It’s also where my Mother lives, which is why I’m here.

Today is her 95th birthday, and there’s a big do going on.

So, of course, I hit the road and headed this way.

Getting here wan’t all that easy.  The Departments of Transportation in Kentucky and Ohio helped to make a 5 hour leg of the trip take 8 hours.  Thanks a pant load guys!

Ohio Road Construction

You know, the four seasons in Ohio: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, and Road Construction.

But, I got here.

And I’m glad.

Today’s the “do”, tomorrow it’s a mini reunion with friends from High School at Captain 9s here in town.

It’s nice to come back and see folks that were such an important part of your life.  It’s a good thing.

I’m glad I’m here, construction and all.

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