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Today is National Doctors’ Day here in the United States.

George H W Bush signed the bill into law creating the holiday on October 30, 1990.

We have two physicians in our family, my niece, Mackenzie…

Dr. Mackenzie Smith

…and her husband, newly minted MD, Colin Smith…

Colin and Christopher.

…he’s the one with the big smile, holding his son on match day.

While attending Med School, they’ve managed to produce two kids, keep it all together, and prepare their lives for service to their fellow man.

We all have doctors in our lives, from Dr. McClung who delivered me to Dr. Untermann who keeps my heart ticking, and my therapist who keeps me sane-ish, I’m glad they’ve spent the time, money, and effort to learn to care for us.

So, celebrate National Doctors’ Day, frankly, I don’t know what I’d do with out all 23 of mine!

Especially that therapist!


Both photos were glommed from her FB page.

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