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Today is the 110th birthday of Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Suess

I’ve never been a fan.

Frankly, I think The Cat In The Hat is the root of all evil. It teaches children to tear UP the house, clean UP the mess, and cover UP their bad behavior.

It could be the cause of most of society’s problems today.

Well, that and Justin Bieber.

Seuss published 46 children’s books.  He was expert at using rhyme, interesting characters, along with anapestic tetrameter, which makes it classical poetry.

He was a master at his craft, and I’m not dissing his ability or the quality of his work.  I’m sure he was a wonderful guy.

I just don’t like the message.

Beloved by millions of children and adults, Seuss sold millions of books and his work continues to fly off the shelves today.

My house is full of them.

This is a battle I decided to lose.

Sorry, but I’m just not a fan!

And, now that I’ve probably pissed off every one who’s read this today…I’ll shut UP!

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