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Good things come in them you know.

Recently, via Facebook and a 56 year old Valentine’s Day card, I’ve reconnected with a childhood friend.

Kathy Short, as she was then, now Kathryn Crossley, grew UP in Germantown, was in many of my classes all 12 years and went to the same church.

Then of course, graduation, life moves on, and so did we.

She has the same flaming red hair and smile she had back in the day, and I’d recognize her any where.Kathy and the hubs

One of the few Buckeye fans there, she and her husband live in Michigan, where right now they are buried under 10 feet of snow.


As usual, I’m off track…

I posted a picture of a dessert on Facebook one evening, and Kathy commented and promised to send me some of her home made Truffles.

As a fellow candy maker, and candy devourer, I was immediately interested.

Alas, not long after the holidays, the shipment landed in the mail box.

Each Truffle is hand dipped and it’s not just chocolate candy, they are “infused” with local Michigan wines.

There are several flavors, and she sent me four.  Each flavor is identified by the color of its frosting.

Below is the Sweet Late Harvest Riesling Wine Truffle…

Truffles Sweet Late Harvest Reisling Wine

Next, the Spiced Cherry Wine Truffle…

Truffles Spiced Cherry Wine

The Pomegranate Wine Truffle…

Truffles Pomegranate Wine

And, my favorite, the Raspberry Wine Truffle…

Truffles Rasberry Wine

And they all come packaged in their own box of four.

Truffles Shipping Box

Kathy made 4,500 truffles at Christmas, and she doesn’t even have a website!  She’s almost afraid to put one UP, as it might be more than she can handle.

Did someone say business opportunity?

If you’re interested, and you should be, you can contact her at Kathryn@coslink.net.

They are kinda like rum-balls for wine drinkers.  And they are delicious.

And of course, the have helped me in my goal to be more Peg Bundylike, sitting around all day reading and eating bon-bons!



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