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Yes, I’m green with envy.

Another associate at that place where I work just got his book published.

Mine’s been languishing in files for a decade now!

Where is Oprah when I need her!

Brian Kechnie is a Senior Buyer at one of our Texas locations.

He’s the father of three little girls and  grew UP on his family’s horse ranch where his Dad is a cutting horse trainer.

His dad’s been at it for over 20 years.

Brian grew UP riding horses, helping with everything on the ranch, and also showing horses in competition.

Growing UP in the country and living a western lifestyle really impacted him as a person and the way that he lives his life today.

He and his wife were married in 2004 and  have three daughters age 7, 5, and 3.

Family PIC
He wanted to rear his family the same way he was raised, and that dream was the idea seed for his new book.

The Three Little Cowgirls.

The Three Little Cowgirls

His kids love the country life, riding horses, wearing their cowboy boots, and having adventures. The book really celebrates family, the western lifestyle, and being thankful for all that they have.

It actually started as a poem he worked on for about a year before he decided to publish.

The illustrations were done by Winston Starling who owns his own business called Lone Wolf Media. He is involved in many different forms or art from illustrating to photography to making leather goods. He is very talented and Brian says it was great to work with him on the project.

Brian decided to self publish –  which I know I’m going to have to do – the book because he  never liked the process of trying to get a book published.

He’s co-authored a couple of books that were never published;  they could not garner any attention from publishing companies through their submittal processes.

He knew he had the book just as he wanted it and did not want to compromise his art. So his wife hired Winston to do the illustrations and started searching for a way to self publish.

They  found http://www.createspace.com/ and decided to publish through them. They are an Amazon company and it was very easy to publish with them. It is free to create an account and they help you through the whole process. They have services you can buy to put it all together if needed and when you approve the final proof, it is published and offered for sale through both createspace and on amazon.com.

The book will receive and ISBN number and they will also register it with the library of congress and make it available through several different wholesale channels.

All very businesslike and legit!

It’s a very easy process and Brian and his family were happy with the service all the way through.

The Three Little Cowgirls is available through their website at http://www.threelittlecowgirls.com/ and it is on amazon.com by searching for three little cowgirls.

Buying through their website directly links to createspace.

My legion of fans can enter a special discount code for a $2.00 discount through website. The code is 5QCZMN7H.

The story, like I said UP there is about family and thankfulness, is beautifully illustrated, and will make a great addition to your child’s library.


Check it out!

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