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The Little Princess

…is not my favorite Shirley Temple movie, but it is UP there with them.

My favorite is Captain January.  Don’t know why, just like it the best.

Captain January


I’ve seen them all.  We watched them over and over back in the day, and were glued to the TV when they were on.

Captain January, The Little Princess, Heidi, Wee Willie Winkie, The Littlest Rebel…the list is endless, and her impact on America was as well.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past week, I’m sure you’ve heard that the original America’s Sweetheart died this week at the age of 85.

Shirley Temple will probably go down in history as the most popular movie star of all time.

Not because she lasted, because she didn’t.

Not because her movies were artistically sound, because they weren’t.

Not because she was the best actress ever, because she wasn’t.

But simply because she touched the hearts of generations of people and still does today.

Oh, she accomplished a great deal.

She was a millionaire by the age of seven.

Lead the box office numbers for four years, starting at the age of seven.

She earned $3 million before she was 14. Adjusted for inflation, that’s $34 million today.

Not bad for a kid.

She stole America’s heart in a time when hearts were breaking every where.  The Great Depression underway, people starving, losing their homes, out of work, and listless, the curly topped cupid gave people hope, joy, and happiness.

She made America Stand UP and Cheer, which BTW, was her breakthrough movie.

It was from that moment, America had a love affair with Shirley Temple.

She gained international fame with Bright Eyes.

Actress, mother, activist, breast cancer survivor, and diplomat, she touched lives every where she went.

America lost its greatest star this week.

No doubt about it.

And Shirley, give Liz a hug for me, will ya’.

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